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Re: 100mbit nic: intel or 3com?

So, for maximum performance the 3com nic would be best with my p166? If it 
buys me some speed i willing to spend the extra 50 euro.



On Friday 01 February 2002 23:54, Cameron Kerr wrote:
> On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, Victor Julien wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I want to build a debian based router/gateway/fileserver/mailserver for a
> >home network with 12 clients. It will be quite low budget as the server is
> > a Pentium 166Mhz. I want the network to be 100mbit fullduplex, so I want
> > to buy a Nic for the server. Which one is best for maximum performance
> > and stability? Intel, 3com, SMC or just a cheap Realtek? I think the nic
> > should be using the cpu as little as possible...
> Are you going to sending lots of little messages, or are you going to
> be doing a lot of bulk transfer.
> For lots of little messages, a PIO based card (such as a 3Com 905) will
> serve you well.
> For bulk transfer, you really want to be dealing with DMA, so an Intel
> EtherExpress Pro100 (or anything based on the Tulip chipset) will do you
> well here.
> Setting up DMA transfers takes significant CPU time, which is why I ask,
> as doing a PIO transfer in CPU for a short message can take less time than
> setting up the DMA just for a short message.
> But either way, either of these cards should see you well, you might not
> get to tax either card a great deal with you 166MHz system, so a cheap
> rtl8139c based card (using the 8139too kernel module) might do you well
> anyway, and save you an extra $60 (NZD), ~$25 dollars US. You can use this
> saved money to bump up your RAM.
> Cameron Kerr

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