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Re: 100mbit nic: intel or 3com?

On Fri, Feb 01, 2002 at 05:40:52PM +0100, Victor Julien wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to build a debian based router/gateway/fileserver/mailserver for a 
> home network with 12 clients. It will be quite low budget as the server is a 
> Pentium 166Mhz. I want the network to be 100mbit fullduplex, so I want to buy 
> a Nic for the server. Which one is best for maximum performance and 
> stability? Intel, 3com, SMC or just a cheap Realtek? I think the nic should 
> be using the cpu as little as possible...
> Thanks for your advice,
> Victor Julien

Well I'm a poor student... so I started with Netgear FA311's which are
terrible and gave me a *LOT* of agro -> steer well clear (hint: they drop

I've now got a pair of realtek's which are a damn site better, but I still
have problems with enbd under high load, which I suspect are attributed to
them. Plus when one machine is under high load, an ssh can take up to 15
seconds to connect.

I don't know any of the more expensive ones - can't afford them myself.
At work we use Intel and 3com nics in the big machines and realteks in
the small machines. Switches are 3com, SMC and Intel.




Matthew Sackman

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