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Squirrelmail on Potato

Dear List - I would like to set up Squirrelmail on my Potato system.
I have found that it is only featured in the Testing release as a
regular Debian package. On the squirrelmail.org site, I have located a


hoping that the '_all' would mean _all_releases_of_debian...
This does not seem to be the case, because 'dpkg -i' gives:

  Selecting previously deselected package squirrelmail.
  (Reading database ... 10649 files and directories currently
  Unpacking squirrelmail (from squirrelmail_1.2.4-1_all.deb) ...
  dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of squirrelmail:
  squirrelmail depends on debconf (>= 0.2.78); however:
  Package debconf is not installed.
  squirrelmail depends on perl; however:
  Package perl is not installed.
  squirrelmail depends on wwwconfig-common (>= 0.0.2); however:
  Package wwwconfig-common is not installed.
  dpkg: error processing squirrelmail (--install):
    dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
    Errors were encountered while processing:

Which is not completely true, for Perl is installed on my system.
Question is this:
What is my best bet to get squirrelmail working on Potato? I was
thinking along the line of 'dpkg --purge' and having a go at the source
tar, or alienating the rpm with a potato 'alien'? I am not too much of a
crack at this, so I would prefer a simple idiot-proof solution ;-)

Thanks a lot!

  Erik van der Meulen <e.van.der.meulen@avondel.nl>

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