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Re: Installing Debian

I've done a few installs from a hard drive with previous data (like a
/home directory, for instance).  There are some things omitted from
the manual when I last checked it.  Basically, it's the same as the
floppy stuff, which you seem to have figured out.  I've never tried
putting the driver floppy or base2_2.tgz archives in the same
partition I'm installing to.

Try booting with init=/install.sh, without specifying the root
partition (since you don't really have one--that is, one with
everything you need in it).  I'm not too sure why the no argument
version didn't work for you, since it's always worked for me.

Anyhow, at some point, the installer will ask you if you want to mount 
a previously initialized partition (actually, it'll be one of the
alternates).  Mount the partition on which you put the archives (I
think you managed that).  Eventually, it asks you for the base2_2.tgz
file.  Have it look at the mounted partition, which will then tell you 
it couldn't find the file.  It should give you the option of
specifying the exact path to it--you may have to go to a different
console (alt-f2 etc, in the usual manner), and fiddle around with the
path--I forget exactly what it expects, but you should be able to
figure it out from the error prompts.  Your partition will be mounted
under /target/path/to/mount/point

Not sure if that helps you, as I'm doing this from memory.  If all
else fails, burn an install CD :(.  If you let me know the exact steps 
you've taken, and the exact output, I may be able to help a bit more
(at least, once you've got the install actually started).


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