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Re: Quake III

* This one time, at band camp, ben said:
> On Friday 25 January 2002 03:07 pm, Dave Carrigan wrote:
> > Corey Halpin <crhalpin@students.wisc.edu> writes:
> > >   God, with wine?  That'd be _glacial_.
> >
> > Out of curiosity, why would you say that? Have you had experience
> > running anything under wine? I've never seen any significant performance
> > problems with the software I've been able to run under Wine.
> out of curiousity, what software have you been able to run under wine?
Return to Castle Wolfensiten ran fantastically under wine (before they
released full single player linux binaries for it)

Couple of sound issues, but everything else was great - faster than under
windows for me.

Greeno <tgreen@bandcamp.tv>
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    -Alan Cox 04/05/2001

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