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Re: New woody machine, can't ssh to it.

From /usr/share/doc/ssh/README.Debian.gz :

SSH now uses protocol 2 by default

This means all your keyfiles you used for protocol version 1 need to
be re-generated. The server keys are done automatically, but for RSA
authentication, please read the ssh-keygen manpage.

If you have an automatically generated configuration file, and decide
at a later stage that you do want to support protocol version 1 (not
recommended, but note that the ssh client shipped with Debian potato
only supported protocol version 1), then you need to do the following:

Change /etc/ssh/sshd_config such that:
Protocol 2
Protocol 2,1
Also add the line:
HostKey /etc/ssh/ssh_host_key

(you may need to generate a host key if you do not already have one)


Daniel Cordeiro wrote:

i have this problem too...

look this:

[daniel@linux:~] # ssh -1 localhost
Permission denied.


[daniel@linux:~] # ssh -2 localhost
I'm using OpenSSH_3.0.2p1 from woody.

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