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Re: ppp connection

> > I am trying to get a friend's Potato R3 install to connect to his ISP so we
> > can download and install a version of X that will work.
> > I ran pppconfig and entered the information correctly, but pppon fails to
> > connect.
> > I set up wvdial and ran it. It will connect and even get an IP address for
> > the ppp connection, but I cannot reach any outside boxes.
> > Unfortunately I've never set a Debian box up using a modem before, so I'm
> > stumped about what to do next. Any ideas?
> >
> > The ISP is earthlink.
> > The modem is a USR v.Everything Courrier External on ttyS0.
> >
> > Thanks.
> have you set up /etc/resolv.conf? it should have a search statement for the 
> isp's domain and numeric ip nameserver statements for each of the isp's dns 
> servers.
Yes. We tried pinging the DNS servers, and other sites by IP, but nothing
could find a route to the host.

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