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Re: initrd and kernel 2.4.17

On Sun, Jan 20, 2002 at 08:59:48PM -0800, Patrick Dahiroc wrote:
| hi all
| i'm in the process of upgrading my woody box to kernel
| 2.4.17.  does 2.4.17 require initrd to boot-up? 

The debian packaged version does.  My custom built one doesn't.

| is it really beneficial to boot through ramdisk and
| could someone explain why?  i've read initrd.txt in
| the kernel-source directory and to me the benefit does
| not seem that great.

The benefit is for Herbert and people with out-of-the-ordinary
setups.  By using an initrd Herbert can make one kernel package for
the repository and it will be able to boot my system regardless of my
disk controller and root fs type since those can be loaded as modules.

If you build your own kernel just for your system, I don't see any
real advantage.  I'm not using it for my homemade kernels.



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