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Re: fetchmail

"Ken Weingold" <s14b23@mindspring.com> writes:
> Is anyone here using fetchmail?  I ran it to get my mail from a POP
> server to use with mutt, and I did see them all come in when it was
> running, but I don't see them with mutt.  Anyone know where they could
> be?

As others on the thread have noted, fetchmail doesn't actually deliver
the mail. It relies on your MTA to do that task (at least by default
that's it's action). The good news is that since you didn't request
that it flush the email you still have a copy sitting on your server.

I'd check the exim mail queue and the logs (use either "mailq" or
"exim -bp"). The log file, on my Debian "testing" system, is in
/var/log/exim/mainlog. See if you find any clues there.


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