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Re: Warning: Do NOT upgrade base-passwd in unstable!

On 20-Jan-2002 Kevin B. McCarty wrote:
> If you are running unstable, do NOT upgrade the base-passwd package!!!
> Version 3.2.2 has a critical bug which causes it to swap the UIDs and GIDs
> for users in the /etc/passwd file.  (See bug reports #130032 and 130085.)
> I found this out the hard way.  The simple fix if it's already happened to
> you: copy the backup file "/etc/passwd.org" over top of the new file
> "/etc/passwd".

if you lack backup files for some reason (as I did) this command will get you

awk 'BEGIN{FS=OFS=":"}{x=$4;$4=$3;$3=x;print;}' < /etc/passwd >
then cp passwd.fixed over passwd.

The problem is the uid and gid fields have been swapped.

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