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Fwd: [Evolution] Strange calendar bug(s)

I originally sent this to the Evolution list (as you can see).  Nobody
on the list had heard of or could reproduce my problem; a few suggested
investigations into my timezone and locale (which are now reasonable),
but nothing fixed it.  I've also emailed Takuo Kitame (the maintainer of
the debian package) but got no response.  I've since tried removing and
reinstalling evolution and everything it depends on (everything that
wouldn't result in all the rest of my gnome stuff being removed), and
I've been upgrading regularly (I'm now on 1.0.1-1).  Does anyone here
have any clues about what could be going on?

(Another, simpler, manifestation is mentioned in the last paragraph:
Switch to date view.  Notice that although today is the 17th and there's
a red box around 17 on the month calendar, the date displayed is the
15th.  Click any date on the calendar, and the day displayed will be two
days earlier than the day you clicked.)



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From: Randy Orrison <randy@orrison.com>
To: evolution@ximian.com <evolution@ximian.com>
Subject: [Evolution] Strange calendar bug(s)
Date: 14 Dec 2001 20:49:21 +0000

It's strange, because it's so obvious, but I can't find it in bugzilla. 
Here's my repro script:
Go to the calendar folder
Click Week view
Click New Appointment
Enter Test for Summary
Enter today and 18:00 for Start Time
Enter today and 19:00 for End Time
Click Save and Close
Observe that the Start Time as displayed in today's box on the calendar
is 1759

This is 100% reproducable for me.  It happened with 0.99.2, and is still
happening now with 1.0.  I'm using the package from debian unstable.

I would report this in bugzilla, but since it's so obvious I have to
suspect that it's something wrong with my installation, rather than a
real bug.  Any suggestions?

(There are a host of other similar little calendar bugs, as well.  Such
as: Click Day View on the Toolbar, click Go To on the Toolbar, click Go
To Today, get Wednesday (it's Friday); or click on Saturday in the month
calendar on the main view and get Thursday, or the test appointment that
I just created in Week View on Friday shows up in day view on
Thursday...  What's going on???)

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