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Re: Large file sizes (2+Gb)

* Cassandra Lynette Ludwig (cass@ophiuchi.net) [020115 21:54]:
> partion as ext2 cannot handle large files.

It can and does.

> > Is your fileserver on Windows?  If that is the case you will have a
> > problem since Windows filesystems suffer the 2GB limit, as far as I know
> > (maybe recent NTFS does not, I know FATxx all do).  In the case of FTP and
> > Samba, both of these have a 2GB limit as well.
> No, read the original message.

His info is still valid.  Samba and FTP both have 2GB file limits.
Inherent in the implementations under Windows and other servers.

In addition, as several people mention, you do not clearly explain
your setup.  You mention that you have Windows, and Linux, and that
you'd be surprised if windows can do something Linux cannot.

> I cannot split the video data into multiple files - this is not text it is 
> compressed DVI data.  If you do not know the file format, do not suggest 
> options like this.

Wrong.  You can chop up any file.  I used to chop up zips to fit on
multiple floppy disks and put them back together with copy.  It
works cross platform too.

Winzip and Powerarchiver (I think) both have options to split up the
zip files.  Linux unzip can and will be able to piece these back
together.  If the data is already compressed, then choose to not
compress further.

Alternatively, someone here mentioned:

> > The problem though, is with the file transfer protocol, not with Linux. :}
> Actually, Linux programmers implemented the file transfer protocol, 
> therefore the fault is with linux.

The windows FTP client is just as faulty as the Linux one. FTP has
different modes of operation, streaming and non.  If you are not
using file-restarts, it's probably using streaming.  Streaming will
work (linux or windows).  In non-streaming mode it won't work under
Windows or Linux.

In addition, the GLIBC also must be compiled against a newer kernel
to take advantage of the >2GB file limits.  You did not mention if
you had fixed this problem.

Continuing along the thread:

NFS v3 will work with >2GB files (untested, but as I said, should).
But you probably don't want to run NFS with reiserfs.  Last I heard,
it doesn't work 100% as a network exported filesystem (though I know
that lots of work has been put into it).

If you are having issues with SAMBA, try the Samba mailing lists.

> Don't annoy me anymore with messages as un thought out as this.  It feels 
> like the sort of responses I used to get from the Redhat technical support 
> team.

Yes, and you're an idiot too.  Look: We are not professional
support, who are paid to spoon feed you answers.  We are group of
individuals who are trying to be helpful, with no reimbursement.

While the answers have ranged from irritated to (eventually, in
response to your replies) outraged, they started off with trying to
be helpful, but having a hard time understanding your problem.  You
antagonized the people you asked for help, and there responses
became more irritated.

Just to quickly summarize *your* behavior, you have been:
1) Unclear  (As per initial description of the problem)
2) Unhelpful (Your insistence that your initial description was enough)
3) Sexist (Repeated male bashing)
4) Threatening (Switch your server to Windows, I really don't care,
   just make sure you pay Microsoft)
5) Antagonistic (Need I explain?)

You have gotten much more help here than you deserve.

Feel free to thank us for the answers, and for putting up with your


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