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Re: Strange Mail Error

On Sat, Jan 12, 2002 at 05:00:45PM -0500, Nick Furman wrote:
| Hi all,
| 	I'm having one customer complain about mail problems.  He uses
| pine sometimes, and a mail client on another server (ATP Mail, it's a web
| based mail program)
| The error is this:
| Jan 12 16:36:29 white popper[24578]: jderr@utility.jdweb.com: -ERR Unable
| to process From lines (envelopes), change recognition modes.
| Any ideas what that means or what i can do to fix it?

Check the file ("folder") that is giving problems.  It's probably a
"mbox" folder, thus each message starts with a line like
 From Sat Jan 12 19:14:48 EST 2002
followed by the headers and body of a message, then another "From "
line.  The file probably got corrupted by something and you can fix it



He who spares the rod hates his son,
but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.
        Proverbs 13:24

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