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Re: newbie

Joe Wise, 2002-Jan-06 15:20 -0000:
>    I just got my CD this afternoon.  My CD shows up in the CMOS, but I
>    cannot get it to boot.  So, I made the floppies and booted using
>    them.  Now I am installing the kernal.  Still no CD.  What do I need
>    on the floppies to pull this off?  I have been looking all over the
>    Debian web page for what files I need.  I downloaded the drivers file,
>    and went through the tgz thing with windows.  I just need to know what
>    files it is looking for when it says:  "insert driver disk."
>    Thanks,
>    Joe Wise

Have you set you CD drive as a boot device in the BIOS?  Or, are
you saying your system can't boot from CD?

You can make the disks under windows from the CD.  The diskette
images are under:


and the images you need are:

You can use the rawrite utility to make the disks from windows.
This utility is under:


have fun.


Jeff Coppock		Systems Engineer
Diggin' Debian		Admin and User

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