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Re: Starting gnome by default?

Thus spake Camilo:
> Hi!
> Well, i fixed my X problems, and i was happily browsing/using my newly 
> installed Ximian Gnome... alas, when i rebooted, it again overrided 
> everything, left me at a graphical login prompt again (argh!), and after 
> logging it, it leaves me at a simple afterstep/window manager session...
> what archives do i have to edit in order to run gnome as default? and/or 
> to do not start up with a graphical login prompt?
> thanks!
> Camilo
> p.s.- im on Debian 2.2 r 2
Several thingfs you can do here - either remove the graphical login
with apt-get remove <gdm/kdm/xdm/whatever> or stop the service from
starting with update-rc remove <service>.  Check out the man pages for
both to get the idea.

To make Gnome the default, update-alternatives is your friend - check
out the man pages and look through /etc/alternatives for the things
you can set.  If you don't want to set the system wide defaults, but
just your user session, you can do this with a line in your
~/.xsession file that reads, by itself:
Then when the gnome-session is up, you can pick the WM used by Gnome,
and save it.
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