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wwwoffle loading Newbie #61


My default installation, console mode only, installed woffle.

bjb@achilles suggested that I change the names in the /etc/rc?.d files 
from, say, @S20wwwoffle to, say, @s20wwwoffle which I did.

However, watching top while I did my wvdial/ppp/exim/fetchmail email run 
I was suprised to see wwwoffle spring to the fore.  I checked my renaming 
of the links and all was correct. I had not renamed the @K links assuming 
this would not be a problem.

What is happening here, how can wwwoffle be disabled short of 
uninstalling it?


    Ian Balchin
    email  fables@imaginet.co.za
    Tel or Fax:  +27-(0)46-636-1525
    Home +27-(0)46-622-2474
    cell  083-495-7353
    Grahamstown, South Africa.

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