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MailMan List problem

Dear List

I have strange problems with mailman.

Am using the following tools and respective versions.

Apache 1.3.13
sendmail 8.9
mailman 2.0.6
RH 6.1
Python 1.5.2

I have 2 problems:

Problem 1:      

I created 2 lists  named forum and response  respectively, it was
working fine for almost a day and there were 6 users subscribed to each

Suddenly my mailman stopped working and its not delivering mails sent
by the subscribers to the list, and when new users are subscribed, they
are not getting acknowlegment mail.

To put it in nut shell, the mailman is very erratic, everytime, i have
to reinitiate the crontab.in for cron and restart the qrunner process.
I really dunno what is the permanent solution for this.

Please guide me for a permanent solution to this problem.

Problem 2:

when i use my browser to subscribe to the list, i get an error "Bug in

Thanks in advance

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