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Re: Galeon and Java

Sridhar M.A. wrote:


When I use galeon (v.1.0.1, mozilla 0.9.6) to browse some pages, after a
while I get a blank page. The same pages render correctly under Win9x. I
presumed it to be ndue to non-availability of java plugin under linux.
Downloaded the java runtime package from blackdown and installed the
same. Verfied that installation was correct by typing about:plugins in
the address window.

After that I assumed that the pages that would not display earlier would
come out properly. I was wrong :-( I tried the subscription page of
www.pcquest.com for credit card transaction and contact us page of
www.citibank.co.in. Both return blank pages after about a minute or so.

Can somebody give me pointers to set up galeon/mozilla/konqueror
properly under linux? FWIW, I have installed other required packages
like libnss3, mozilla-psm, libssl, etc.

On a related note, how do I check whether my browser supports secure

I'm currently on a box that does not have Java installed, but it does have Mozilla 0.9.6. Both of the links you mentioned work fine for me. I don't have a solution (or even hints) for you, but wanted to let you know that a similar set-up to yours works here.

My box is an AMD K6-333 pushed to 350 with 64MB RAM and a 4MB ATI Rage IIC video card, running Sid (updated this morning) and X


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