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Re: No partition table

On Sat, Dec 22, 2001 at 07:45:37AM -0600, Russ Cook wrote:
| I have a 30 GB Maxtor hard drive, with a 15 MB boot partition as
| the first partition.  This is followed by root and swap.
| Apparently, I have somehow corrupted my partition table, because
| on boot I get the message NO PT, HIT ANY KEY TO CONTINUE
| When I do so, Lilo responds with LIL- and hangs.  I can still boot
| from floppy, but only the older 2.2.X kernels.
| I have read the Large Disk How-To, but can't figure out what's
| wrong.  Can anyone help?

Use gpart to determine what the partition table was, then use (c)fdisk
to re-create it.



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