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Re: xmms hang - gtk related?

Thus spake Matt:
> Stephen,
> Doesn't actually look like a gnome-only or gtk+-only.  XMMS is having
> its own little party with a gtk object casting problem.  An older
> version of xmms, maybe the one from the testing dist at
> packages.debian.org, should fix your problem.
> cheers,
> Matt
> On Fri, 2001-12-21 at 09:13, Stephen Gran wrote:
> > Hello all,
> > I have been having a problem with xmms for the past two weeks or so,
> > ever since an upgrade of it (tracking testing).  If I minimize xmms,
> > then maximize it later, the playlist has disappeared, and it shortly
> > thereafter segfaults.  Attached is an strace output - only the last
> > 100 or so lines, when I start to see errors.  It looks much like bug
> > #121058, so it has been reported, and I figure there is not much to do
> > on that front.  What I am asking, in the meantime, does anyone have
> > any workarounds, or an older version that works well?  This may also
> > be strictly a Gnome problem, but I can't reproduce it in other apps,
> > so I tend to think it's xmms's problem, or at least a problem in the
> > way it expects to interact with Gnome.
> > TIA, 
> > Steve
> > -- 
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Unfortunately, this _is_ the version from testing.  Tried the potato
version already, with the --force-downgrade option, and it fails in
the same way.  It leads me to believe that it's an issue with how xmms
interacts with gtk, apparently across versions.  Perhaps the gtk stuff
changed recently, and xmms needs to be rewritten to act accordingly?
Don't know, unfortunately, as I haven't had enough experience (read
almost none) coding, and can't track it down on my own.
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