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RE: What's a debian kid look like?

(Lance SImmons :Fiuuuuu!!! Seven !), we have two (male and female). I'm 37,
i.e. married, sofware engineer in an government organization (Malaga,
Spain), Iyengar yoga, footing, mountain bike, reads 'every readable thing',
watch DVD's by Nvidia TV-out ripped's with transcode :-), LEGO Mindstorms,
user & developer (C++, Python, glade, postgresql, ...)

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> De:	Lance Simmons [SMTP:lance@lsimmons.net]
> Enviado el:	jueves 20 de diciembre de 2001 0:12
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> Asunto:	Re: What's a debian kid look like?
> 39-year old white male, Texan, professor, Ph.D. in Philosophy, user not
> developer, submit bug reports and sometimes suggest packages for
> adoption. Spend most time in textmode using mutt, vim, LaTeX, ogg123,
> nget, w3m, mplayer.  In X, use ion, gkrellm, galeon, pan, LyX. Catholic,
> married with (so far) seven children.  Recently began playing Doom.
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> Lance Simmons
> lance@lsimmons.net
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