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Re: How to handle whitespace in filenames ???

Craig Dickson wrote:
> Dimitri Maziuk wrote:
> > Wrong. There's a reason why people with half a clue don't put
> > spaces in paths, and inadequacy of tools is not it. Unless your
> > computer can read minds, it has no way of telling when the
> > whitespace's supposed to be input separator, and when it's just
> > a part of filename.
> Oh, come on. Unix shells already have rules for that. You escape the
> space, or put the full name in quotes. The problem is that many Unix
> tools don't correctly handle filenames with spaces.

  IMO the worst offender is standard xargs (without -0), it has the
wrong way of treating space in design. Other than that you mostly have
to be careful.

  and btw the quotes are more of a problem...


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