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Re: OT: mysql vs. postgresql

On Wed, 19 Dec 2001, martin f krafft wrote:

> hi,
> if you are taking anything personal, please don't reply...
> i have always used postgresql for everything. i don't really know why,
> but i know that it's a pretty scalable, high-performance database
> server that is secure and powerful.
> a client of one of my servers has recently requested mysql. i need
> postgres, so i'd install mysql in parallel, but i first would like to
> know about the negative aspects. from what i remember, mysql isn't a
> true database, and security isn't one of it's virtues.

The differences are basically these: postgres has better concurrency, so
selects never block selects, updates block selects on a per-record basis.
In mysql, updates, inserts, and selects all block each other except in the
most trivial cases.  Postgres requires a vacuum and vacuum analyze
periodically to maintain performance.  mysql does not.  Postgres supports
most of ANSI SQL.  Mysql supports some of it.  Postgres has nice support
for adding new datatypes and stored procedures in practically any language
you choose.

Oh, and don't go anywhere near mysql 4.


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