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Re: Contents of Sid iso Images

On 13-Dec-2001 Mark Cooke wrote:
> On the ftp mirror sites for the sid iso images, there are 8 iso images.
> I know only iso 1 is required to install sid or upgarde potato to sid.
> But can anyone tell me roughly what are on the other 7?
> as I don't fancy downloading all 8 when I don't really need them all
> As all i want really is Evolution-1.0, Xine,XFree-4.1.0,Mozilla & Nautilus
> 1.0.5 or 1.0.6

evolution and nautilus will not be on any of our cds.  You can get Ximian
stuff from Ximian.

X should be on cd one.  You will probably need to download mozilla later from
Debian.  Remember, apt is designed for net installs as well.

Near the cds you should also find a contents list.  I am surprised that there
are sid cds though -- sid is the name for Debian's unstable which is never
meant for release.  What you actually want is woody.  Sorry for not mentioning
this earlier, I am just waking up.

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