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Q: Does an "on screen keyboard" exist for *nix?

Hallo there!

I want to create a _very_ secure environment (in my case: an encrypted disk to store all my passwords. The creation of a encrypted disk is very easy. But i miss a secure way to enter the password).
Since key loggers become more and  more common passwords typed in via keyboards are no longer save.
The least expensive and easiest way to circumvent such key loggers would be to display a keyboard on the screen (with a random key map, for the case that the mouse events are logged) and enter your password via the mouse.
There is a similar tool in Windows (intended for disabled people), but it doesn t support random key maps (disabled people usually have no use for random key maps).

I would prefer a program that works from the shell (to combine it via pipes with other programs). But even a solution under X/KDE would be nice (at least it is a point to start from).


Andreas Maresch

The question is not: "Am I paranoid?".
The question is: "Am I paranoid enough?".

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