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Re: Newbie comments & queries

on Tue, Dec 11, 2001 at 10:58:03PM +0200, Ian Balchin (fables@imaginet.co.za) wrote:
> dman, Brenda, Karsten, & others, hi, 
> following quite heavy complaints about my long-running Subject 
> line I changed it but have lost all help in the process, so am 
> posting this again under the original offending subject line.
> I have got so far and can get no further.  I have installed mutt, 
> exim, fetchmail, wvdial (and also diald which I see running in 
> top) but no ways can I get an email in or out to my dial up ISP.
> The comments follow on from dman's email.
> I ran eximconfig again, correctly, and am sure there is no problem 
> there. 
> > The "visible" mail name of your system should be the same as "echo
> > $HOST".  Don't worry about it too much, just don't pick the name
> > of your ISP (or some other real server).  
> looking at set i have no $HOST so gave hephaestus which is the 
> machine name (I have $HOSTNAME which is perhaps what you meant?) 

Looks like a documentation bug.  $HOSTNAME it is.

> > When you get to the question Which machine will act as the smarthost
> > and handle outgoing mail?  this is where you enter in the name of
> > your ISP's SMTP server.  ("imail.imaginet.co.za" according to what
> > you wrote farther down)
> OK, in Windows Pegasus this is entered as both my SMTP and POP3 
> host so sounds OK 


> > First you need to tell mutt which host.  Edit ~/.muttrc for that.
> > Instead I use fetchmail for retrieving the mail.
> OK, then that will be good enough for me, fetchmail seems to be 
> the standard anyway. Having decided on fetchmail, no need to edit 
> .Muttrc, right? 

Fechmail _gets_ mail from a POP server, and delivers it to the local
mail delivery agent (exim).

> I wrote the .fetchmailrc file.  Then I wondered where to put it.  


> The /usr/share/doc/fetchmail/sample.rc file states 
> 1.  put in your home directory (ie. /home/ian) 2.  permissions 
> should not be greater than -rw-------  (0600) 
> this is what i have done, but as I wrote it from root, I have done 
> a chown to change it to my ownership as there was a complaint that 
> i did not own it. 
> Now, when I run fetchmail from user ian i get 
> POP# connection to imail.imaginet.co.za failed: temporary name 
> server error fetchmail: Query status=2 (SOCKET) 

Can you resolve the host:

    $ host imail.imaginet.co.za

I see  You might try entering the IP directly.

Sounds like you need to configure your DNS.  In /etc/resolv.conf should
be something like:

    # up to three nameserver lines

Those are _my_ ISP's nameservers.  Yours will differ, mine _should_

> OK, so in mutt I can send the mail, but how do I get it.  Does 
> this automatically get done at the same time or do I have to run 
> fetchmail and dial in a second time to have this done?  

Fetchmail can be run:

  - In one-time-only mode from the command line.
  - In daemon mode (a .fetchmailrc option).
  - Scheduled through the system (cron or at).

I use the last option my self to poll for mail every four minutes.

> How, with diald (or wvdial) + mutt + exim + fetchmail do I make the
> process of sending and collecting mail from imaginet a simple one-time
> operation? 

"There's more than one way".

> With diald running something should fire this up automagically on
> demand. 

This is possible.   Many people find this annoying.

Another option is to use the /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/ scripts to run fetchmail
when starting a dialup connection.  I'd recommend this.

> When i run wvdial it connects to my ISP and then seems to do the 
> right things, entering into ppp negotiation.  Then that is as far 
> as it goes, it stays there hogging the screen. It ends up with...
> PPP session from .......
> --> PPP negotiation detected
> --> Starting pppd at <the date>
> and it stays there, so how do I enter into another program to send 
> or fetch mail.  Cannot be right.

<obObviou> You'll need to debug this.  Where the problem is isn't
obvious from what you've written.

> > Do you have a login on the server?  My school runs Solaris, so I
> > just log in to that machine and do all my mail there instead of on
> > my debian box. If you use fetchmail, it won't give you the IMAP
> > benefit of server-side folders.  mutt has some support for IMAP, but
> > I've never used it.
> I am not sure that I understand you here.  I log in from the computer
> at home or I carry it home and then do it there.  I am going to use
> one dedicated address on the linux box to start off with and get going
> with just personal email (family around the globe). 

The question is whether or not you can log on interactively to your
ISP's server, and get a shell prompt.  I would doubt that you can.

> cat news. She has settled in. My maid went to put the freshly-
> ironed towels in the linen cupboard today.  I had a frantic call 
> at the shop that the was "a snake hissing at her" and would I come 
> home and deal with it! Fortunately I quizzed her about the size 
> and colour of the snake, so she bravely went back --- and found 
> the cat!



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