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Re: anonymous pserver and r/w permissions

"Jeronimo Pellegrini" <jeronimo@bigbross.com> writes:
> I have set up an anonymous pserver here, and there's just one thing that I 
> don't know how to solve.
> The user that logs in to do anonymous reading is the Linux user "anonymous". 
> Now, this user has read-only permissions on the repository. So, when I try 
> to connect cvs will tell me this:
> cvs server: failed to create lock directory in repository `/var/cvs/project': Permission denied
> cvs server: failed to obtain dir lock in repository `/var/cvs/project'
> The group cvs has write permission all over /var/cvs. But I don't want 
> to add anonymous to the group cvs because group cvs has write 
> permission on the project files (I want this server to be secure, 
> that's one of the reasons I'm running Debian).
> Is there any standard procedure for this? I tried google, but had no 
> luck: there are several matches, but the advice is usually to "give 
> write permission to anonymous"...

This might be the solution to your problem, as taken from the URL:

Setting up the repository

Once you have all this set up, you're almost there, but there is one
more stumbling block. CVS by default wants to have write access to
directories in a repository before checking anything out of them so it
can write lock files. This won't work for anonymous cvs, because the
user you created cannot be allowed to write to your repository (unless
you want anonymous read+write cvs!). Luckily cvs can be told to write
the lock files elsewhere. Just edit CVSROOT/config and add a
"LockDir=/some/dir" line. Then make the directory you specified, and
allow your anonymous cvs user (plus anyone else who needs to be able
to access your repository) to write to it. You will also need to
fiddle with the permissions of the cvs history file, or delete it.

A couple of other URLs you might find useful:



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