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Re: Newbie comments & queries

On Fri, Dec 07, 2001 at 09:08:11AM +0200, Ian Balchin wrote:
| Hi, all,
| I have received airmail my copy of the GNU/Debian Linux Bible.
| I think thios will be a great help.  It provides a good 'howto' overview 
| of all the maim poits and processes and is suitable for a relative linux 
| beginner like myslelf/
| Its title is misleading as I would not classify it as a bible in any way 
| as it does not go into any matter in real depth, rather just enough to ge 
| you on the road and going.  It is not the poblem-solver's bible that I 
| had hoped for, but it is a lot better than not having anything.

I don't expect a title to be much more than a marketing tool these
days.  The only part of a title that tends to give a clue as to what
is inside is the mention of a term (ie "Debian" or "C++" or something
like that).  Actually, the more "hyped" a title sounds, the less
likely it has any real content, IMO.

| I have given up sort of on getting the microcom modem going.  I have the 
| 14.4 internal one installed and will see if we can get email operational 
| over this weekend.  I am going to look for one of those serial loop-back 
| connectors as have a dos programme that will test the port.  I think that 
| maybe the problem is that it is a PnP onboard port and maybe is not being 
| allocated the address/irq that we think as there is no communication with 
| the modem (despite having set these manually in the bios). I see that 
| there are linux programmes for deciphering what happens at boot up to pnp 
| items, but they are complex and beyond my present capability/time 
| constraints.

An internal modem is easier to set up, as long as it is not a
winmodem.  External modems are nice because there is no way it is a
winmodem.  The issue is getting the serial port on the machine to talk
the same way the serial port in the modem is.  I have a printer that
has both parallel and serial ports, and both work in windows but I
didn't get the serial port to work in linux.

| It was pointed out that the state of the numlock is a bios function.  The 
| point is that this was of course set, but the setting does not survive 
| the bootup/login process.  I will look at this and be a little more 
| specific just now.

Linux ignores the BIOS setting of it.  There is a program (setleds I
think) that you can run during startup to set numlock on if you want.



Failure is not an option.  It is bundled with the software.

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