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Re: BIG xwindow apps

>I seem to run into a problem where the OS installs fine and all the 
>programs work but the GUI is very large.
>I have tried both blackbox and window maker and when they load, they 
>are in 16mill colors and at 800*600 but when i open a program such as 
>irc or any other type app, the application is huge and sometimes goes 
>off the screen so much so i cant reach the buttons on the top half or 
>bottom half of the screen with the mouse.

Since you sound like you are new to GUI Linux you probably fell in a common
newbie trap.

X control the basic graphical display on your system. X manage a physical
screen and a virtual screen.
If your virtual screen resolution is larger than your physical screen resolution,
then the effect will be exactly what you describe.

The solution is to tell X that you want your physical screen resolution and
your virtual screen resolution to be the same.

X is controlled by settings in the file /etc/X11/XF86Config

man XF86Config to see the huge amount of things in X that you can tweak.

To ease setup of X there are some different programs that makes it easy for
Together with X comes xf86config which will ask a lot of questions and finally
write a suitable XF86Config.
One of the questions is whether you want a virtual screen that is different
from your physical screen.
This is where the GUI newbie are best off answering no.

Try running xf86config to configure your GUI, but remember first to make
a copy of your original XF86Config file since xf86config will overwrite it.

Did that help?

Best regards
Johnny :o)

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