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BIG xwindow apps

I use Debian for all my servers and have only recently decided to 
give it (Debian) a go for my desktop machines as well.

I seem to run into a problem where the OS installs fine and all the 
programs work but the GUI is very large.

I have tried both blackbox and window maker and when they load, they 
are in 16mill colors and at 800*600 but when i open a program such as 
irc or any other type app, the application is huge and sometimes goes 
off the screen so much so i cant reach the buttons on the top half or 
bottom half of the screen with the mouse.

I have seen some very nice desktops as png's on the web and they look 
nothing like what i have (as far as the app size goes)

is there a font size adjustment or something i am missing?  (other 
than the screen size which is correct)



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