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Re: sysvinit caused this?

> Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2001 17:42:43 -0800
> From: "Karsten M. Self" <kmself@ix.netcom.com>
> Subject: Re: sysvinit ? caused this
> on Sat, Dec 01, 2001 at 06:27:01AM -0800, Shawn
> Lamson (madzimambo@yahoo.com) wrote:
> > i did an apt-get upgrade and wound up with a new
> > sysvinit
> > sysvinit       2.84-1
> > now when i boot i get the errror:
> > /et/init.d/rc 2: :command not found
> If that's the message you're getting, the path
> and/or file don't exist.
> If that's not the message you're getting, please
> type it in correctly,
> or better, log it from the system directly.

/etc/init.d/rc: 2: command not found

THere it is directly, sorry my fingers get wobbly when
i have been up all night.

> You should be able to try running the specified
> script directly and
> identifying where the problems occur within it.

if i let it boot, log in as root, and issue
#/etc/init.d/rc 2
everything runs fine...

Not an emergency, but you know how things can go
downhill fast when you cant boot your system, btw, it
does the same thing no matter which runlevel i want to

go to... and shutdown doesnt work either, nothing gets


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