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Alcatel SpeedTouch USB Modem - Success!!


I looked in the /var/log/syslog (Thanks to Nick Sanders) and noticed the

LCP: timeout sending Config-Requests

So I guessed that the pppoatm module was not loaded (after reading

When I did a modprobe pppoatm, it all fired into life, I can ping my
nameserver, and with the resolv.conf file with the nameservers added, I can
ping a DNS address.

I then tried lynx and sure enough, I can connect to website through there.
So, I have just spent a very rewarding and enjoyable few mins, surfing the
web using lynx!

Cheers for all your help!

(A very happy) Ben!!


b e n @ j a v a c o d e r . n e t   -  w w w . j a v a c o d e r . n e t

"The reader is entertained by the journey of another, but the writer is the
changer of worlds"
- D'Ni proverb

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