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quoted-printable to 8-bit

What are the ways to decode quoted-printable  messages
to 8-bit?

I use Exim and I don't need system wide decoding(which
doesn't exist in Exim), but rather I'd want a decoding combined to
Exim filters. That's why I'd avoid installing procmail, I feel it is
bit overkill for me.

Right now I have filter commands in Exim that's through pipe
decodes quoted-printable files  to 8-bit and  then adds
them to the /var/mail/specified_user file.

Only drawback is the subject field and some headers
that don't look right because some combinations
of letters are wrongly transformed to 8-bit and the subject
field  in quoted-printable includes character encoding
information that I'd need to get rid off.

Also,  how do I get mailman messages to 8-bit?


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