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Re: Uprading just one package

apt-get install <packagname> will upgrade if there is a newer version 

So point your sources.list to unstable, then "apt get update && apt-get 
install gnome-pilot". Then point your sources.list back and update again.

Be warned, though, that any gnome program is going to have a _lot_ of 
dependencies... in particularly, it will want sid's version of all the gnome 
libraries and X, which will bring most of your system along for the ride.

You may be able to find someone on the web somewhere who has made packages of 
a recent gnome for stable.

However, if you are just running a home/desktop machine (ie, perfect 
reliability is not a big deal), I recommend just making the jump to unstable. 
Unstable is a relative term -- I can't remember the last time my system 


On Saturday 01 December 2001 07:52 pm, Akintayo Holder wrote:
> Hi,
> 	I am sure there is an answer to this in the docs some where but I have
> not yet found it.
> How do you upgrade a package and its dependencies without bringing
> everything else along for the ride ?
> I would like to upgrade to the version of gnome-pilot in sid, and keep
> that and its dependencies (and their dependencies) up there. At the same
> time I want to keep updating my copy of woody without any adverse effects.
>  From the docs I gather that apt-get can't specifically upgrade one
> package.
> It looks as though dpkg can do it, if I download the debs first and
> specify by name.
> Any help would be appreciated, but a reference to the correct manual
> would be best. really

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