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Re: Mail server

On Friday 30 November 2001 07:12, Mauri Heinonen wrote:
> Hi,
> Can you tell me, which mail server is best for 500 accounts and this
> server must be send mails to pop3 clients.
> Which servers are best and easiest configure?

As a relative newbie I would recommend Postfix. I followed the 
instructions and was amazed at how uncomplicated it was. I downloaded 
Qpopper to handle things for the pop3 clients. I use savelog to rotate 
the mail logs [mail.info and mail.log grow really big] and edited 
/etc/aliases [make sure you run 'newaliases' afterwards] to make sure 
system mail actually gets to me.

"Sendmail for Linux" by Richard Blum [SAMS, April 2000 ISBN 0672318342] 
as the name suggests assumes you are using Sendmail but was so clear 
and helpful on every other aspect of setting up an email system that I 
would unhesitatingly recommend it.

Nigel Pauli - I.T. Manager
St. John's School, Northwood, U.K.

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