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Re: ftp.us.debian.org crapping out?

Jason Rashaad Jackson said:
> All the ftp.xx.debian.org servers I've been trying for the past
> couple days have been crapping out on apt-get update, either with
> "Sorry, amximum number of allowed clients already connected" or
> with "Unable to fetch file, no such file or directory."

the http.us mirrors seem to be having problems too. my system
at home got stuck in a loop connecting to the same mirror
and with a 1Mbit dsl line it estimated 19 days to download
2MB. it wasn't until i manually put the IP in of a mirror
i manually tested in sources.list ran update and tried to
install that speed went up to 80kb/s

seems the problem has been getting worse over the past 6
months. used to be 1 mirror was bad/slow and running
apt-get again would cycle to the next. hasn't helped for
me the past few times ive run it :(

the mirror im using:
deb stable main contrib non-free

with a t1 i downloaded libc6-dev at 176kb/s earlier this
morning(!) fast..

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