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Re: xdm and pam in potato

-> > about it. Can anybody advise me how to set up pam for xdm?
-> > Or point me to the right docs?
->    $ apt-cache search pam | grep doc
->    libpam-doc - Documentation of PAM
->    $ apt-cache show libpam-doc
->    Package: libpam-doc
->    Priority: optional
->    Section: doc
->    Installed-Size: 1080
->    Maintainer: Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org>
->    Architecture: all
->    Source: pam
->    Version: 0.72-9
->    Provides: pam-doc
->    Filename: dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc/libpam-doc_0.72-9.deb
->    Size: 609560
->    MD5sum: 75c4fe188a4a0e58bd77899c2f40c09f
->    Description: Documentation of PAM
->     Contains documentation (in HTML, ASCII, and PostScript format) for
->     libpam, the Pluggable Authentication Modules library, a suite of shared
->     libraries that enable the local system administrator to choose how
->     applications authenticate users.
->    $ apt-get install libpam-doc
->    $ dpkg -L libpam-doc                 # to get a list of the files

no mention about xdm here. there's no file in xdm distribution related to
pam. I tried set up /etc/pam.d/xdm but doesn't seem to work. xlogin detto

can you provide me a default ? I am interested in groups config. Also
/etc/security/groups.conf didn't work with xdm nor xlogin.

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