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You don't exist. Go away.

Dear all,

I'm having trouble with my PowerBook 3400. Due to a (known -- don't
bother with that) kernel bug, the kernel lost interrupt for my root
partition on pmud (pmud is like APM for PBs) wakeup, I had to reset
the machine, and at the next startup and manual repair by e2fsck,
about two dozen files, most of them binary files, have been added to
/lost+found. I cannot log in at all at runlevel 2, but fortunately I
can boot into single mode, and I do have network access (I can ping
IP addresses, they are not resolved). The "You don't exist. Go away."
message appears when I try to issue shutdown commands, so I have to
reset the computer every time I want turn it off. 

What I have is a backup of /etc (made with tar -cIf, I _hope_ this
will have preserved the permissions!), but a mirrordir operation
didn't change the situation for the better. I have no complete
backup, as my 1.3 GB HDD is 90% full, and my complete backups are in
Germany while I am in the U.S.

What can I do in this situation? Needless to say, any help will be

A. B.                                  andre DOT berger AT web DOT de

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