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Re: setting up www access

>I've tried using pppconfig and it all seems very straightforward. But
>it's not working. From the W****w's partition I can pick up the server
>ip address and that the modem is on COM3 / ttyS2. What's the 'default
>gateway' and where do I enter that info? What else could be wrong? Maybe

>the Debian partition isn't picking up the (internal) modem - how can I
>check this out and correct it if it is a problem? Any other ideas?
>nate wrote:
>> Simon R Tod said:
>> > I have acquired a username, password and phone number for a local
>> > isp and am having trouble setting up a dial-up connection. I've
>> > been trying to use the default PPP utility that comes with GNOME
>> > but it seems to want lots additional information I don't know how
>> > to provide.
>> > Any help much appreciated.
>> try using the pppconfig utility and use pon/poff to logon.
>> at least using that you can login/out of X all day long
>> and never lose your connection(haven't used that particular
>> util but if its like most X based dialup utils you'll lose
>> the connect if you restart X or logout)
>> also reccomend getting nameserver ips for your ISP and
>> default gateway if needed. if the isp can't tell you
>> nameserver ips(maybe their support is full of idiots)
>> you can usually do a WHOIS on their domain(whois domain.com)
>> and get the IPs from that. the PPP subsystem will
>> attempt to get DNS and gateway information from the
>> remote terminal server if possible, but not all systems
>> provide that info(i haven't used one that didn't provide
>> that info in at least 5 years ..)

What ISP is this?
Perhaps someone else on the list knows the correct way to get connected if
you give us the ISP's name.

Anyway, perhaps you do not have a gateway, in which case I think you can
leave the field empty.

In lots of cases it is enough if you supply a user name, a password, a telephone
number and tell the system to use Dynamic DNS.
Any other settings could be left at their defaults, or empty, unless your
ISP tells you they must be set to something specific.
If you use pppconfig remember to add the users who should be allowed to dial
out. You do that in the Advanced Settings part in pppconfig.
And finally you need to supply the connection name when you dial out with
pon, like this:

pon worldonline

...if you named your connection worldonline.

Did that bring you closer to a connection?

Cheers :o)

Johnny :o)

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