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Re: [OT] Dual head console?

On Mon, 2001-11-19 at 17:07, Matthew Sackman wrote:
> Hi People!
> I've got dual head working in XFree, but am now curious - if I don't
> start up XFree, is there any way I can run consoles on both monitors?
> inittab doesn't seem to help and I can't find any kernel options and I
> can't find anything on the web. Does anyone have any ideas or is this
> just not possible?
> Using 2.4.13 and woody.

There is a mingetty "patch" out there at:


Thats seems to do exactly what you want.  Be sure to look into the
equivs package if you build this so debian doesn't panic over


Has another way using con2fb to "move" ttys to a framebuffer.

I was interested in this at one time but lost my drive since I didn't
like either way from a design standpoint.  A google search for
frambuffer multiple console should give you much more information than
you need.


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