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2.2.20 kernel strange problem ...


I can not compile a working 2.2.20 kernel for my 486
box using my 686 box. It seems that it takes 686
params somewhere; The kernel always says: 
Out of Memory

System halted

It runs for 686 just fine. And  I make all 2.4.x
kernel for 486 compiling using 686 box, just fine. As
the 486 is weak machine, I can not test if I use this
to compile 2220 for itself to see if it works but it
is strange to me, I can not understand why? 

I search the net and no one having such problem. What
could it be the reason? I search all for CFLAGS using
when it compiles to see nothing wrong. I noticed that
instead of using -march=ix86 like 2.4.x use; in 2.2.20
uses a kind of -DCPU=xxx and nothing to do with the
cpu optimization of the gcc 2.95.4 ; Ok that is why I
got stuck in explaining the problem.

What should I do? 


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