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'Packages' file out-of-sync with package files

	I rephrased the subject 4 times, but I'm sure it's still confusing :) 
	I use http.br.debian.org as my Debian mirror, but most of the time, the
'Packages' file lists some files (packages) which are still not mirrored
(ie: I get a lot of 404's during 'apt-get upgrade').
	I've e-mailed the mirror maintainers, and they told me they use
"official debian scripts" for mirroring. My understanding is that rsync
retrieves the Packages file before the packages themselves.
	Since they use the official scripts, I guess this problem occurs with
other mirrors too. Anyone experienced this? Is there some fix, besides
waiting for all packages to be mirrored?
	IMHO, the ideal solution would be for the official script to download
the 'Packages' file only _after_ is has mirrored all the packages
proper, maybe wget'ing this file, instead of rsync'ing it?

	Daniel Serodio

Daniel Serodio <dserodio@email.com>

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