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Re: [debian-user] licq wont send messages

>--[Andrew Austin]--<andy@hotu.com>

Please adjust your line width to something reasonable. THANK YOU.

> I send my messages to the icq.mirabilis.com server and recieve an ack for
> them, they just don't make it to the person i'm sending to.

Q: I'm receiving offline messages again each time I log in.

A: A0L changed the v5 protocol; the parameter to the ack command now is
   checked to have the correct value, which is unknown.

S: Just ignore them.

Q: I'm sending messages over the server, but they're just dropped.

A: A0L does "some" spam restriction if you're using ivqv5; you're not
   allowed to send too frequently over the server, otherwise packets
   will be dropped.

S1: Try to use a direct TCP connection.
S2: Add a counter and let your peer ack them so you know they're read.

Q: I'm trying to use a direct TCP connection.

A: The newest Windows ICQ has set, and will set upon upgrade, the option
   "ignore connections from older clients".
S: Educate your windows users to switch it off.

Q: Which clients do have this problem?

A: All clients using icqv5, including Windows ICQ98.

S: Use Jabber instead, it has a known and public protocal, and there are
   more than just one server. Or wait till icqv7 is implemented.

Yours, Rüdiger (having mICQ CVS write access)

A "No" uttered from deepest conviction is better and greater than a
"Yes" merely uttered to please, or what is worse, to avoid trouble.
                -- Mahatma Gandhi

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