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Re: Promise Ultra100 TX2

* Matthew Daubenspeck <matt@oddprocess.org> [011108 14:18]:
> Has anyone tried using a Promise UltraTX2 ATA/100 controller under Debian?
> I can get them for dirt cheap, and they have performed wonderfully 
> otherwise, but haven't tried it with Debian.
I've got one and it works wonderfully. The only thing for me is that my
Traxdata IDE CD-Writer locks the whole system when trying to burn cd's.
I simply plugged it to the onboard via controller and now all works.
I'm running 2.4.10 and Debian woody/sid (mostly sid).



Karsten Heymann <karsten.heymann@gmx.de> <karsten@ecology.uni-kiel.de>
CAU-University Kiel, Germany

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