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Re: programming

so, there is no way to know in advance the length of a string unless you
have an identifier, or constant for it. 
thanks for the tip andrew. Im sure it will be useful someday. 

On Mon, 5 Nov 2001, Andrew Agno wrote:

> J.A.Serralheiro writes:
>  > right. It should be strlen(buff )
> Just a word of warning: strlen can be a problem if the buffer is not
> filled with stuff that you can validate--ie: if buff isn't a NULL
> terminated string, then it looks for the NULL byte off the end of the
> buffer, which can lead to much strangeness, and probably core dumps,
> later on.  So even if you get a length using strlen, you should make
> sure it doesn't go beyond the end of the buffer.
> Andrew.
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