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Re: Woody and X4.01 colors are grainy

That is a pretty gross looking screen :) My problem tured out to be the defualt depth was 8 bits. Yours is set to 8 as well. Change it to 16 or 24 and restart the X Server. See what happens?

What were the settings that worked under X3? Same resolutions on the same color depth on the same monitor worked? If not, could be your sync rate? The 66 and 120 may be too high for the no name monitor. For 50 Bucks try a new video card? The prices are real low for good stuff these days. Its not hard to burn $50 bucks in time if this is work.

*F.Zimmermann@bham.ac.uk - Config file
*Section "Screen"
	Identifier	"Default Screen"
	Device		"Generic Video Card"
	Monitor		"Generic Monitor"
	DefaultDepth	 8 *<= Change to 16 or 24* 	

Frank Zimmermann wrote:

on Fri, Nov 02, 2001 at 08:23:56AM -0600, Hanasaki JiJI (hanasaki@hanaden.com) wrote:

 Bingo!  Actualy a depth of 8.  I have read alot of docs and tried alot
 of changes to the config file and cannot get the darn thing to run at
anything other than 8bits or any resolution other than the max on modes line of the screen for 8 bits. It is a 3dfx3500 TV that ran great under Potato. Any pointers on revising my config file? Connections to a bug
 in X4? ...

Sorry, you'll have to try modelines yourself.  Might google the
monitor/card combo and see what you come up with.


I've been reading this threat with great interest because I think I ahve similar problems with my X on sid.
Here is my configuration:

and here is the result on how X looks like:

Changing the color depth to 16 gives a somhow usable X with a ca 5cm wide flickering stripe in the middle of the screen. So I reduced (stepwise) the values for vsnyc to 31.5-35.1 and hsync to 50-70 in my config and this is how it looks like then:

The menues are barely readble and what ever I do I can't get rid of the yellow color scheme.

BTW, I have a no name monitor and a CirrusLogic GD5440 or 5430. They worked fine under XFree 3.x with the SVGA server. Any more ideas on how to get them work with XF4?


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