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Re: Getting Linux

On 3 Nov 2001 lloyder@canada.com wrote:

> What makes going to http://cdimage.debian.org/ "the preferred
> method", and http://www.linuxiso.org/ "the the cheap copout".

Debian does it the way they do to try and preserve space and bandwidth
on mirrors.

> I got disk 1 using cdimage.debian.org and disk 2 using linuxiso.org,
> and bottom line, ISO was much faster and much easier.

I've had mixed results.

> I would really like to see the net install option as csj and others
> have suggested... it seems that the infrasture is already there in
> the installer...  I'm not ready to take part ;-)

Debian is far easier to install via a network.  I would really like to
see a business-card CD for Debian installs...could keep that puppy in my
wallet and install Debian anywhere.


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