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Re: Special 3D bar graphs

on Fri, Nov 02, 2001 at 08:04:09PM -0500, Simon Law (sfllaw@engmail.uwaterloo.ca) wrote:
> Hi there,
> 	I'm looking for an application that will give me transparent 3-D
> bar graphs.  I want to have a bar graph will three levels of depth, but
> because some bars in front are too tall, they obscure the data behind
> them.  I took a look at gnuplot, but it doesn't do what I need it to do.

I'm not aware of a package that does this, though this doesn't mean one
doesn't exist.

I'd probably hit a more specifically stats-oriented community for
further information (say, stats-l), or do some serious googling.
There's the scientific applications for GNU/Linux page, highly

Another approach would be to utilize a different graphing option -- bar
graphs are fine and well, but you might want to look to stacked bars, or
a line plot, if your data present more clearly.  Frankly, I'd find the
3D effect superfluous.  It can also make direct comparisons of data more
difficult.  Though any application which utilizes 3D plots calls into
question whether or not the accurate presentation is an intent.


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