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Re: Mutt - sent-date hook?

On Thu, Nov 01, 2001 at 08:35:44PM -0500, Justin R. Miller wrote:
> Thus spake Patrick Mahoney (patrick.mahoney@polymtl.ca):
> > Ive gone through Mutt's documentation, and havent found any
> > sent-date-hook or the equivalent. Anyone has an idea on how to do
> > this?

You can save all your outgoing mail sorted by month, and in a separate
mailbox for each correspondent:

 fcc-hook . "+/archive/`date +%Y%m`/%F"

saves mails to archive/month-sent/To user@host.

You can also save all your incoming mail in a similar way:

 save-hook .     "+/archive/%(%Y%m)/%F" 

saves mails to archive/month-received/user@host.

This makes it very easy to track down both incoming and outgoing mail,
and gives you a nice archive of all your correspondence.

Lance Simmons

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