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Re: imap problems


P Kirk wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm putting together a mail server for a small company.  There will be 20 or
> so mail accounts accessed via laptops on the road or from desktop machines.
> I'm planning to use imap and IMP software.
> Problem with imap - whenever Outlook Express fires up, it says "Your imap
> server has closed the connection.  This may be due to a long period of
> inactivity..."
> Given that Outlook Express has just opened, a long period of inactivity is
> not unexpected.  I assume this is some problem with the way it loads from
> inetd but need help.  Has anyone else seen this and is there a solution.  As
> things stand, I can't deliver the box so help please!

Only a guess.

Max up your IMAP Connections.

and change this in your inet.conf

imap           stream  tcp     nowait.6000 <- how many connections per
minute before the process got shut down

MfG daniel

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